Parks, Ariz.

Parks, Ariz., is known for its famous general store located on Route 66. The area could soon be home to a new RV park. 

An abandoned RV park near Parks, Ariz., will be gaining a second wind after the Coconino County Board of Supervisors denied a citizen appeal of the project earlier this month, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

The project located on just over 16 acres just west of the intersection of North Parks Road and Old Route 66 had already been approved by the county planning and zoning commission.

But the commission’s decision was appealed by residents of Parks who said the project would negatively impact traffic in the area and did not fit within the confines of the Parks area plan that outlines the kinds of development appropriate for the community.

The reestablished park, proposed by the company PLM Adventures, would include 80 RV sites, plus 25 tent camping sites.

Although it has been abandoned for several years, the property has a long history as an RV park.

County records show an RV park operating on the site since at least the early 1980s while some longtime residents have reported that even the park existed even before then, well into the 1970s.

Of the 80 RV sites, 10 would have RVs semi-permanently parked on the site and would be rented out to visitors who may not own an RV but still want the experience of staying in one.

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