Kentucky Development

A proposed large campground development in Kentucky that would sit on more than 200 acres spread over two counties continues to run into opposition.

A proposed RV park that would span more than 200 acres and cross county lines in Kentucky has hit another snag in development, according to WKYT.

In a 6-0 vote applauded by dozens of Midway neighbors, the city council voted not to provide water and sewer to the Kentucky Bluegrass Experience Resort.

“The size was overwhelming. The ramifications of both the city and the residents for me did not justify taking the risk to put it in place,” Midway resident David Shaw said.

The proposed park would sit on 97 acres in Woodford County and around 142 in Scott County. With roughly 1,700 residents, the mayor and the council said they can’t fathom the idea there would be more people at the park on any given day than there would be in the whole city.

“Any potential developers that want to come to Midway and change our town, I want to say this, Midway is not for sale,” council member Logan Nance said.

“It doesn’t sound like I’ll be casting a tie-breaking vote, but if I had to, I simply could not cast it,” Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said.

While an auditorium full of neighbors are happy with the decision, the project’s attorney Hank Graddy said developers feel less than enthused.

“We believe we’re bringing a great gift to this community and we are surprised at the opposition,” Graddy said.

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