Annie’s Campground

Annie’s Campground was sold for just over $2 million.

Annie’s Campground, west of Gresham, Wis., will be under new ownership after the Shawano-Menominee County Circuit Court approved the sale of the property to Positive Ventures LLC, based in Appleton, according to New Media Inc.

The sale was finalized Aug. 23 after Judge Katherine Sloma approved Positive Ventures’ bid for over $2.05 million. There were nine sealed bids in total for the property, according to attorney Seth Dizard, who has been the receiver for the property since May.

In a report to the court, Dizard wrote that there were 128 separate expressions of interest, and out of those, 90 executed confidentiality agreements. The bids ranged from $527,777 to $2.5 million.

The $2.5 million bid came from Bob and Geri Enterprises LLC, which owns the Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville. However, according to the report, the officials did not present evidence of its ability to pay for the sale by the deadline of Aug. 19, so the next best offer was Positive Ventures.

The campground was put into receivership on April 25 after Bank First reported that it was owed about $1.5 million, excluding collection costs and attorney fees. Since then, Dizard paid past-due property taxes of over $25,000 to the Town of Seneca, which were the taxes due in 2020 and 2021, along with getting extensions from the state to prevent the campground from being closed due to the lack of a seller’s permit and three failed inspections.

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