Another large RV park is in the works for Newberry, Fla.

The county’s largest RV park, with 245 sites and an Olympic-sized pool, is planned to be built on 48 acres, thanks to a rezoning given Monday (Oct. 25) by Newberry’s Board of Adjustment, The North Florida Herald reported.

Scheduled to be located south of Southwest 30th Avenue and east of Southwest 202nd Street, the Green RV Park is still in its planning stages and is estimated to cost between $5 million and $6 million, according to Mike Shuler, a senior scientist with the Water & Air Research, Inc.

Shuler presented the site’s layout on behalf of sponsors Barry and Charleen Green in front of the board, which is composed of Newberry’s city commissioners.

He said an additional 40 acres of land will be either donated to the Nation’s Ball Park or used for expanding the RV Park, depending on what is best for the city.

The park’s layout includes a clubhouse, an Olympic-sized pool, short track, laundry rooms and showers, among other things.

“We wrote a project that would support the park in its fullest,” Shuler said, “[and we] plan to continue moving this project along with the progression of the Nation’s Park.”

The RV park’s design is planned to be eco-friendly, incorporating the use of solar water heating and lighting as well as garbage recycling.

“It’s called ‘Green’ for a reason,” he said, “other than after its developer’s name.”

Don and Wendy DeVito, Newberry residents who live on Southwest 30th Avenue near the site of planned construction, raised some concerns about road safety on the Southwest 30th Avenue.

“I just have this vision of kids running down that road,” said Donald DeVito, adding that their dog was killed by a quickly passing truck on that road.

Wendy DeVito suggested that law enforcement watch the road more diligently because she has seen a lot of cars and trucks exceed the 30 mph speed limit.

Commissioner Joe Hoffman said that they will put in a request for the sheriff’s office to watch the road once the project is under way. Part of that project includes chip-sealing Southwest 30th Avenue.

“We can’t completely control how people drive,” Hoffman said. “You just hope the people have enough sense to drive safely.”

The final construction details will be brought before the board in the future for a last review to make sure everything is done correctly in accordance with city rules.