Camp Cedar

A rendering of Camp Cedar’s water amenities.

Ohio’s Kings Island said the opening of Camp Cedar, the $27 million “luxury” campground and resort, has been delayed again due to construction delays, according to WYMT.

The site, with room for RV travelers, park guests and other vacationers was originally scheduled to open around June 14 but was delayed until June 24 a few weeks ago. 

According to Director of Communications Chad Showalter, the new opening date is not known at this time.

Showalter said Kings Island does not own Camp Cedar, it just manages the property.

He released the following statement:

“Small Brothers, LLC and Terra Firma Associates, the joint owners of Camp Cedar, informed Kings Island today that the campground will not open on June 24, as expected, due to continued construction delays. We were disappointed to learn this, but agree with the owners that there are outstanding issues that need to be addressed before the campground can deliver a high-quality experience for its guests. As the property manager, Kings Island is not responsible for the construction or completion of Camp Cedar.”

Camp Cedar Spokesperson Erin Ruppenthal released this statement:

“We are disappointed that the opening of Camp Cedar, a new luxury outdoor resort, is being further delayed. It has been a very challenging year, and a combination of unfavorable weather, labor and material shortages, necessitates further postponement of welcoming guests. Please visit our website, visitcampcedar.com, as well as our social media channels for updated information. We look forward to welcoming guests and delivering a first-class, family-friendly experience in the very near future.”

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