Tents for Troops, the Castle Rock, Wash.-based network that provides free camping for active military, reported three new parks, from California, Illinois and New Hampshire, joined over the course of one hour last week.

“We feel incredibly lucky, yet again.” Charlie Curry, the founder of the Tents for Troops program, stated in a news release. “It seems like each week we have great parks to add to a growing list.”

One of the parks is Paradise Camping Resort in Garden Prairie, Ill. This park boasts a Tiki-style restaurant, on-site fishing in their lake, as well as a lazy tube ride down the Kishwaukee River on those hot summer days. Their website is www.paradisecampingresort.com.

Another new park is Kaweah Park Resort in Three Rivers, Calif. Kaweah Park Resort Manager Shel Brown was enthusiastic to help in whatever way he could. His park, located in the foothills of the Sequoia Mountains, is perfect for the fishing, golfing and outdoor lover in all of us. The Kaweah Park Resort website can be found at www.kaweahparkresort.com.

Rounding out the three parks is Exeter Elms Campground, in Exeter, N.H. You can rent a canoe or a kayak and explore the windy Exeter River. This park boasts an extensive list of fun activities, from dances and bingo, to an arcade and bocce. One of the most fun and entertaining songs is the Exeter Elms theme song (which informs us that ice can be bought until 10 o’clock at night) which can be found at their website www.exeterelms.com.

This late week push of new parks raises the number of states participating in Tents for Troops to 30, bringing the program ever closer to its goal of providing free camping to active military in all 50 states.

Tents for Troops would like to thank these three amazing parks for joining the Tents for Troops program. “These are three amazing, yet diverse parks,” says Curry, “We cannot thank them enough for what they are providing. My hat is off to them.”

More information on the Tents for Troops program can be found at their website of www.tentsfortroops.com or on their facebook page.