C2T Ranch Photo

A photo of a current campsite at the C2T Ranch.

Expansion plans for the C2T Ranch in Plainville, Kan., are back on after Ellis County (Kan,) Commissioners were told that the business has the right to operate a campground under Kansas agritourism laws, according to a Facebook post that Cynthia and Chad Tuttle posted on June 8.

“After being presented with this information, it was agreed that we are not only good to continue operations but we shouldn’t have had to go through the CUP process at all,” the Facebook post notes.

This was after the Ellis County Commissioners had denied a request for a conditional-use permit in mid-May to expand the campground and add an event center. The C2T campground has operated for about a year with two RV sites and several primitive campsites. Hundreds of people visited the ranch last season. The ranch was voted the No. 1 campsite in Kansas on Hipcamp last year and the No. 2 RV campsite in the country, the Tuttles said.

The Tuttles made WOODALLSCM.com (WCM) aware of the change through FB Messenger on Wednesday (June 9) evening. You can read a previous story about this development that WCM published by clicking here. 

The Facebook post goes on to note that “agritourism is an extension of agriculture and therefore NOT subject to zoning regulations. What we are doing is not considered any different than planting corn.”

It continues:

“Furthermore, it was pointed out that any litigation ‘should be liberally construed in favor of the property owner’ and ‘this is in the tradition of the liberalized use of real estate and the narrow interpretation of any restrictions placed thereon.’

Quite a stink was made about us operating “illegally”. We were NOT doing so, as pointed out in a resolution from another Kansas county:

‘If the use of the property is agricultural but the use is not registered as agritourism, then the county will recognize that the use and those events that are directly in support of agricultural purposes are exempt from zoning regulations.’

We are now registered as an agritourism business. We are OPEN and will continue to be.

Lastly, we can’t thank you all enough for your kind words, prayers and support! When it felt like so many were against us, it was wonderful to go out and read all the positive comments and messages and realize we DO have a huge support system surrounding us and our decision to share our slice of heaven was the RIGHT thing to do!