Road access was restored to an RV park in the southeastern British Columbia resort community of Fairmont Hot Springs on Monday (July 16) after nearly 500 people were trapped in the park overnight following a landslide.

On Sunday, the slide sent boulders, trees and mud spilling through the centre of the town, which is located northeast of Cranbrook. No one was hurt, but visitors were trapped in the park after a bridge washed out, the National Post reported.

Four properties were damaged and most of the main lodge’s 400 guests had left while a damage assessment was underway on Monday, said resort spokesman Marke Dickson.

“The people were the most important thing, the people have been taken care of,” Dickson said.

One witness said he expected cleanup efforts to last a long time, after watching the water fling boulders like marbles.

“Nobody knew it was coming. All the people heard was a loud bang and then the roar of the body of water that came gushing down the canyon,” said Doug Clovechok. “It’s truly a miracle no one was killed.”

The landslide occurred mere days after an initial mudslide in nearby Johnsons Landing, where four people are presumed dead.