CampgroundViews.com continues to expand the number of parks utilizing its Campground Virtual Tours.

For the 50 million-plus annual campers finding that perfect campsite is the single greatest obstacle they face, according to a press release from CampgroundViews.com.

The solution is found in the rapidly expanding library of Campground Virtual Tours created and released by CampgroundViews.com. The new experience allows campers to virtually see the campground, see a park’s campsites, click the campsites for information and book a specific campsite. Available to members on the CampgroundViews.com search engine, the tours provide a road-level look never before available, states the release.

“After years of research and effort we are proud to have so rapidly scaled an industry-transforming experience for campers,” said Mark Koep, president and CEO of CampgroundViews.com. “Never before has it been so easy for campers to find, see and book a campsite.”

The company released its 650th Campground Virtual Tour with the promise that several hundred more are in the pipeline. Best compared to “Google Streetview camping with TripAdvisor” the tours are based upon 360 videos, or VR, and combine with an augmented information layer to empower outdoor-minded travelers to see exactly where they may stay, notes the release.

The Campground Virtual Tours are designed to integrate with the existing reservation systems. By not changing any underlying processes for the campground owners and managers, the tours are easily added to the camper journey. Already the company is adding tours for private RV parks and other public agency campgrounds, explained the release.

The majority of the 650 available Campground Virtual Tours are of Recreation.gov properties. Recreation.gov is the booking engine for federally owned and operated campgrounds including the U.S. Forest Service, National Park, Bureau of Land Management and Army Corp of Engineer properties. The experience was enabled thanks to a third-party API developed as part of the recent Recreation.gov modernization.

Designed to allow for private to public partnerships the Campground Virtual Tours are a direct example of the types of innovations made possible by such arrangements, states the release.

“The reason campgrounds are overcrowded is because campers lack quality information” added Koep. “Rather than fight for the few campgrounds that everyone knows about, we provide campers with the ability to venture to lesser-known locations.”

To see an example of the experience and sign up for free 24-hour access, visit: https://www.campgroundviews.com/best-camping-tool-ever/