In a Minnesota Resort and Campground Association (MRCA) survey rating the occupancy of the 2012 season, nearly 70% of respondents proclaimed the season “good” or better.

Forty-seven percent said their summer season occupancy was “Good but not a record-breaker” while 22% said it was “about the best we’ve ever had.”

Sixteen percent of participants said it was “pretty average” and 14% called it “not so great.” No one deemed it terrible.

The report appeared in the November issue of Lakes & Loons, the MRCA’s quarterly newsletter.

The weather and the economy are to blame or credit, depending upon who responded.

More than 60 resort and campground operators participated in the survey, with 43% from the central region, 32% from the northeast, 19% from the northwest, 5% from southern Minnesota and 1% in the Twin Cities.

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