A visualization of the planned fourth hole at Forrest Richardson’s ‘On the Rocks’ par-three course.

Construction will begin next year on a new 12-hole par-three course in Buckeye, Ariz., designed by Forrest Richardson, according to Golf Course Architecture.

The layout has a working title of ‘On the Rocks’ and will be built as part of a luxury RV development from RV Park and Campground Investors, which also includes 800 sites.

Richardson has routed the course to take advantage of foothills and a rocky mountain that border the northern boundary of the site.

“Sloping land is unsuitable to maneuver and park motorhomes in, which was part of my learning curve,” said Richardson. “But for golf, we know that craggy rock outcroppings and desert terrain can be an incredible and dramatic adventure, especially for par-three holes.”

His aim is to create a fun course that has many of the hallmarks seen at highly-ranked courses located in north Scottsdale, but is not as intimidating.

“We have holes ranging from 60 yards to 150 yards, but there will always be a gracious bail-out where you can safely play away from trouble,” said Richardson.

Richardson, whose design associate Shane Witcombe will serve as on-site architect for the project, says the number of holes fit both the site and what the park will need in terms of capacity. The course can also be played as a nine-hole loop.

“Our vision for Arizona is to build a resort that can cater to the RV traveller who will stay a few days but is also comfortable and exciting enough for those who choose to enjoy the entire winter season,” said Rich Stockwell, of RV Park and Campground Investors.

“This younger age group is where we have seen the largest gains in RV ownership over the past decade,” said Susan McKee, managing partner of the group. “Giving them a golf experience that is high-end and also takes less time, speaks to their lifestyle and will be a prime attraction of the park.

“There is a high demand for RV parks that can accommodate very large and luxurious rigs,” she added. “Very often these owners have invested upwards of $400,000 in their RVs, so the goal is to have parks where they can stay and enjoy restaurants and amenities that match their expectations.”

In addition to the 12-hole course, the project will have playgrounds, meditation trails and restaurants.

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