Workamper News plans to host its ninth annual Rendezvous, an RV lifestyle conference with seminars tailored to the needs of current and aspiring RV enthusiasts who want to work as they travel.

The Oct. 21-25 event will take place at the Community Center in Heber Springs, Ark., and features 19 speakers who will cover more than 20 business and RV lifestyle topics.

“The average age (of a work camper) is still in the mid-50s. But younger people are coming into the lifestyle, and a lot of the young people are working from their RV,” said Robyn Jinkins, social media manager for Workamper News. “People want to go out and see and do. Now I see a lot of the younger couples. They’re homeschooling (their kids) and the country is the classroom and that’s awesome!”

There are also growing numbers of empty nesters who want to see the country while they are still relatively young.

“They don’t want to wait until they are retired to see the country. They want to go and see it while they are still able to things,” Jinkins said.

Established in 1987, Workamper News has grown to become an information source for RVers looking for the types of full- and part-time jobs that can enable them to work as they travel. Workamper News is available in print and online, with bimonthly editions that have a readership of about 75,000 people, about 10,000 of whom received a printed edition.

“A lot of people want to get it online because they move around so much,” Jinkins said

Speakers at this year’s rendezvous include:

— Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar and CEO of Ziglar Inc.: Tom Ziglar has had the privilege of spending his entire life surrounded by world-class leaders, innovators and motivators and was a key collaborator with his father on Zig Ziglar’s 30th book, Born to Win. Tom will join a seminar that highlights some of the types of small businesses that RVers can pursue. Tom will be joined by Howard Patridge, a best-selling author, small business coach and executive vice president of training and operations for Ziglar, Inc.

— Steve Anderson, president of Workamper News: Steve was previously human resources director for Adventureland Amusement Park in Altoona, Iowa, who developed one of the largest work camper programs in the U.S. In addition to speaking in the Workamper Bootcamp, Anderson will speak in seminars on small businesses, the National RV Training Academy, and the RVing Lifestyle Ambassador Program, in which RV enthusiasts can earn commissions for referring other RVers to educational programs that can enhance their full-time RVing experience.

— Dana Rose, chief operations officer for Workamper News: Dana will also provide training for RV Lifestyle Ambassadors.

— Chris and Jim Guld: Chris is author of Mrs. Geek’s Guide to Google Photos and The Beginners Guide to Picasa. Jim is the producer, director, camera and sound man for their weekly webcast, “What does this button do?” The Gulds will lead seminars titled “Technology for Travelers” and “Smartphone Photography and More.”

— Susie Adams, a licensed attorney and partner at Livingston, Texas-based Loring & Associates, which caters to the legal needs of full-time RVers: Adams will lead a seminar titled “All Things Domicile,” and will provide information on how full-time RVers can establish their domicle, which states are preferred and other information.

— Win Semmler, an RV inspector who started RV Inspection Services LLC, with his wife, Joanne, after retiring several years ago: Semmler will lead a seminar titled “From Retired to Business Owner,” citing his own experiences.

— Terry Cooper, of the Mobile RV Academy, a technical training school for RV technicians and RV consumers: Cooper will lead two sessions, “Volts, Amps and Purple Monkeys,” in which he describes the three separate electrical systems of an RV, and “National RV Training Academy Overview,” which he presents with Steve Anderson, providing an overview of the National RV Training Academy’s (NRVTA) educational program.

— Coleen Elkins and Lou Ann Hoagland, health insurance experts, will co-present a seminar on health insurance and Medicare options for full-time RVers.

— Evada Cooper, RV kitchen expert, will teach a class titled “Living Easy in Your RV Kitchen.”

— Sean and Julie Chickery, full-time RVers since 2014 who co-wrote Full-Time RV Finance and host informational programs at www.chickerytravels.com and on YouTube, will lead several seminars, including “7 Ways to Save on Full-Time RV Travel,” “Blogging and Vlogging for Business,” “Budgeting for Full-Time RV Travel,” as well as a seminar on the uses of solar power and lithium batteries in RVs.

— Jill Sessa, a full-time RVer who runs a website design and maintenance business, https://ultimatewphelp.com, will present seminars titled “Embracing Minimalism and Tiny Footprints,” which will provide practical and implementable tips for making sure your full-time travel is about a gratifying journey, and “Outsourcing for Your Business – and More!” in which Sessa will discuss the many ways she has been able to utilize freelancers and others to minimize the number of hours she works.

— Avanti Lalwani, a Briter Products representative, will lead a seminar titled “RV Batteries and What You Need To Know.”

— Ashley Mann, an organizing and downsizing expert who hosts the website, RVInspiration.com, in addition to writing an ebook, Creating Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage to Your RV, will host seminars titled “Fitting the Stuff You Need into Your Home on Wheels,” “Blogging and Vlogging for Business,” and “Practical Guidance for Decluttering and Downsizing.”

— Kay and Alan Oshel, Skymed independent contractors, will lead a seminar titled “All About Skymed,” the premier medical evacuation company.

— Mark Kohler, an attorney, CPA and consultant to Workamper News, will lead a session via webcam from his office titled “RVing Freedom with Your Own Small Business.”

— Shannon Anderson, marketing manager for Workamper News, and Robyn Jinkins, social media manager for Workamper News, will co-lead seminars on sharpening your website skills.

Jinkins said the Rendezvous event will also include a job fair.

“We will have over 15 employers at the job fair on the last day of the event where Workampers can apply right then,” she said.

For more information about the Rendezvous, visit www.workamperevent.com.