2020 was a year filled with big changes for many in North America. Who could have foreseen the COVID crisis when we flipped the calendar a year ago?

Still, for many in the RV park and campground sectors, it was a busy one, with a surge in RVing and camping that many in the industry are going to remember for a long time.

As the calendar flips to 2021, WOODALLSCM.com took a look back at the ten most popular stories on our website to get a snapshot of what the sector was focused on in 2020.

We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane and look forward to sharing more memorable moments with our readers in the New Year.

Stories are listed from most popular to least popular per reader stats pulled from Google Analytics. As a reminder, the earlier COVID stories relayed information that was pertinent at the time. Changes were occurring pretty rapidly, so any information in those earlier stories should be checked for accuracy given that information may have changed due to new restrictions or rules.