In 2003, Sheridan Steele left Colorado to become the superintendent of Maine’s Acadia National Park.

Now he’s getting ready to retire.

“I had actually been here on my honeymoon many years ago,” said Steele. “So we knew we were coming back to a beautiful place and I said it was all down hill. We lived at 9,000 feet and now we live at sea level.”

WABI TV reported that during Steele’s tenure, attendance at Acadia National Park has grown, and now the park is growing too. “I think the thing that I’m most pleased about is the development of the Schoodic Peninsula. We have two things going there, the Schoodic Education and Research Center which is going very well, and also the new Schoodic Woods Campground and hike and bike trails.”

But that growth has also led to the biggest point of concern in the park for Steele. “I think the biggest challenge that Acadia faces now is our popularity and now we’re dealing with traffic issues and parking issues and we’re working on the transportation plan to try and resolve those.”

In 12 years, Steele has created some great memories. “The visit of President Obama and the First Family was very high on the list and I think the addition of the Schoodic Woods Campground is certainly high.”

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