Ever wonder if the dollars you spend on creating a presence on the Internet for your RV park or campground are well spent?

Consider this recent report.

According to a news release, SodaHead.com, the web’s largest opinion-based social community, asked its users if they thought they were addicted to the Internet and 61 percent of respondents said “yes.” However, 39 percent said they could quit if they wanted.

When the numbers are broken down by gender, 64 percent of women admitted to an Internet addiction, compared to 55 percent of men. Internet addiction was present in every age group, however the younger voters were more likely to be hooked (73 percent of those between 13-17 and 71 percent of those between 18-24). The numbers decreased for older respondents with only 39 percent of those between 55-65 admitting to the addiction.

Full results of the poll, including detailed demographic information, can be found at: http://www.sodahead.com/living/public-opinion-suggests-internet-addiction-is-a-problem/question-2464081/.