Adventure Golf Services (AGS) is introducing the “Modular Advantage Mini Golf” – a new modular 9- or 18-hole miniature golf course that looks and feels like concrete but isn’t, and offers the same playability and fun as a traditional concrete course for less cost, according to a press release.

The course can be purchased either as an owner-installed kit or as a turnkey installation, which the release says is ideal for campgrounds and RV parks.

The Modular Advantage system will debut at the IAAPA Attractions Expo Booth #4231 November 13 to 16 in Orlando, Fla.

“Miniature golf has always been an in-demand, family-friendly attraction with a healthy return on investment, and our goal is to help owners improve their bottom line even more,” said Scott Lundmark, president of Adventure Golf Services. “The Modular Advantage is just what the name implies – it provides owners an alternative to a concrete course that looks and feels like a traditional mini golf course and costs less.”

According to the company, the Modular Advantage is an economical, prefabricated course using an interlocking, flexible, patented panel system that offers many benefits to the owner. The system provides “excellent” drainage with no water ponding from rain, eliminating the need to squeegee the greens and fairways before reopening the course.

Weather is not a factor during installation, so spring, fall or winter installations can stay on time and the owner has the option of installing the course using a templated kit, reducing more costs. One new benefit to the owner is that the modular course can be moved, minimizing the investment risk on leased land.

“Less time on the job means fewer installation hours,” said Lundmark, “And that translates to more savings for our clients. All-in-all, it’s a tremendous alternative to traditional concrete-poured courses. Plus, an owner can relocate the entire course to any other location.”

The base course features 4,000 square feet of playing surface and fits into a minimum of 13,000 square feet, according to CEO and Chief Designer Arne Lundmark.

Two other upscale options will feature 4,800- and 5,400-square-feet of playing surface and can be sized to fit larger footprints.

The new system is also an efficient and cost effective way to help owners with miniature golf renovation projects.

For more information about the new Modular Advantage Mini Golf system, email info@adventureandfun.com, call 231-922-8166 or visit www.AdventureAndFun.com.