Nitehawk Adventure Park in Grand Prairie, Alberta, was recently awarded the tender to operate the Wee Links Par 3 Golf Course and the nearby campground at South Bear Creek, the Daily Herald-Tribune reported.

While details of the contract have yet to be ironed out, as Nitehawk has yet to sit down with the city’s facilities and parks departments, Assistant General Manager Johnathan Clarkson said the organization will look after the operation and management sides of the venture.

“Basically, what that means is that city parks will still handle major maintenance items for that facility, as well as maintenance in terms of mowing of lawns and beautification of the space because we are only on a three-year contract, so ultimately anything that is done to improve that facility (will be done by the city).”

Clarkson said some of Nitehawk’s winter staff will be transferred to work at the golf course and campground in lieu of being laid-off; he estimates about five to six people.

“What this will mean for us is that we’ll be able to keep some of the key staff that we usually let go at the beginning of April when our winter season ends. This is a really good thing for us. We’re really excited for it and that’s why our staff and management team are really excited because we can employ staff and keep from having to train every fall to get ready for the ski season. We’ll have some staff coming back again because we’ll be able to keep them employed over the summer.”

The lease to operate Wee Links was terminated in November 2013 and about a year later the city took control over the maintenance of the golf course and the campground as part of its overall South Bear Creek Park management.

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