Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) in Ontario doesn’t have the money to continue operating the Saugeen Bluffs campground successfully, so it’s looking to lease the facility to a third party by fall 2015, the Shoreline Beacon reported.

The campground isn’t attracting enough visitors because it doesn’t meet their standards, which has made the facility a financial burden, Wayne Brohman, general manager of the SVCA, said.

SVCA is “hopeful that somebody who leases it will have the financial wherewithal” to make improvements, Brohman said.

The facility, located along the Saugeen River just north of Paisley, has 185 campsites, and is one of three campgrounds operated by SVCA.

The financial strain has existed for “quite a few years now,” and SVCA hopes the campground will adapt to the higher standards of today’s campers, Brohman said.

“Campers nowadays want more amenities. They’d like to have a pool, they’d like to have their own individual septic hookups, and those two items are quite expensive,” he said, adding that he’d like to see these at the facility.

“Since the campers are telling us through surveys and just through industry information that they want these other amenities, our thought is that if somebody comes in and invests some money, they’ll get a really good return on their investment,” he said.

Diane Huber, who represents Saugeen Shores on the SVCA board of directors, said “running a campground is a business,” one that would be better run in the hands of a third party.

With a projected loss of $9,569 for 2015, Huber said it doesn’t make sense for the SVCA to continue the business venture.

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