AGS is seeing record growth in its guest guide loyalty program with an 81.4% increase in loyalty dollar spending during the first two months of this year compared to the same period last year.

According to a press release, AGS guest guide customers spent $8,729.90 in AGS loyalty dollars in January and February compared to $4,811.48 during the same period in 2017, said Brian Schaeffer, AGS president and CEO.

AGS awards loyalty program dollars to park operators who provide AGS sales teams with enough advertising leads to cover the cost of producing their guest guides. When that occurs, as is usually the case, the park operator receives the guest guides for free, since the production costs are covered by the restaurants, urgent care centers, dog groomers, RV repair shops and other businesses that advertise in the guides.

“It’s a fantastic program,” said Brent Andrews, who owns the 110-site Huntington/Fox Fire KOA in Milton, W.V. “I really don’t have to do anything. The reps come and they sell the (advertising for the guide). It’s kind of like getting stuff for free. It’s a no brainer.”

Andrews has used his AGS loyalty dollars to purchase everything from rack cards to uniform shirts, advertising and giveaway items. He likes the convenience of being able to use loyalty dollars to purchase a variety of AGS products and services.

“One of the dilemmas in this business is you find yourself using a hundred different vendors. So if I can consolidate a couple of things, it makes my life easier,” he said. “They are just fantastic people to work with,” Andrews said of AGS. “They come in and do all the work.”

AGS has produced guest guides for the Huntington / Fire Fox KOA the past 12 years.

AGS’s guest guide loyalty program has become more lucrative for park operators in recent months.

In November, AGS increased its annual loyalty program compensation for new customers from $250 to $300, all of which can be used to purchase print and online advertising as well as website hosting and design services.

Schaeffer said the company’s best longtime customers can earn up to $500 a year in AGS dollars through the program.

But while most AGS guest guide customers use their loyalty dollars to purchase other AGS products and services, AGS expanded the program last year to enable its guest guide clients to also apply their AGS dollars to support a charity of their choice or for “quality of life” expenses, such as a cruise, a flight or other vacation.

“If park operators tell us they would like to support a certain charity, we will cut a check on their behalf and send it to the charity of their choice,” Schaeffer said. “We can also cut checks to reimburse them for quality of life expenses if they send us their receipts for air or cruise ship travel or other vacation expenses.”

For more information about the AGS guest guide loyalty program, please visit www.agsloyalty.com.