AGS 360

Basketball is one of nine new 360GOLF sport-themed high-tech mini golf holes designed by AGS in partnership with Holovis. AGS is the exclusive distributor for 360GOLF in North America.

Adventure Golf and Sports (AGS), in cooperation with Holovis, is introducing a nine-hole sports-themed 360GOLF course, according to a press release.

“This is a high-tech miniature golf design that debuted at last November’s IAAPA trade show with a prototype Duck Gallery hole, which resulted in substantial interest within the industry,” said Scott Lundmark, AGS president.  “As a result, our companies are now introducing a complete nine-hole course based on popular sports.”

According to Lundmark, the sport-themed 360GOLF holes feature automatic scoring, gamification and other interactive sensory play features powered by an exclusive Holotrac golf ball interacting with sensors throughout the course. The game is designed to encourage repeat play.

The proprietary product, developed by Holovis, has been sold in the UK and Far East markets, and now AGS is selling the product throughout North America.

“At the IAAPA show, guests played Duck Gallery, a carnival-themed golf hole, and asked about the nine-hole model and the option of creating a signature branded model for their exclusive use,” says Lundmark.  “We are currently working with several prospects on each of these options.”

The new nine-hole sports-themed 360GOLF miniature golf experience features these fun interactive golf holes:

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Formula 1 Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Pool (Billiards)
  • Surfing (includes a rideable surfboard!)

AGS says the new sport-themed 360GOLF course can be installed indoors or outdoors (mini golf holes are weather and corrosion proof) and is ideal for Amusement Parks, FECs, Cruise Ships, Restaurants, Bars/Brewpubs, Hotels and anywhere fun activities are used to attract and retain guests, noted the release.

According to Holovis engineers, each player is assigned a ball with a unique signal, so all scoring and strokes for each ball are personalized to one guest.

“A large high-definition display screen is embedded into the marquee to feedback player scores, fun animation, stroke count and events as they happen in real-time,” explained Jos Van Der Steen, development director at Holovis. “The guest sensory experience includes reactive media, sound effects and LED lighting to accent gameplay as it happens. The Game Board will convey the rules of the play, par and highlight values for bonuses and other game options. The Game Board will ask each player to put their ball on the tee to begin play, which triggers a timer to ensure play is timely and bonuses may even be given for low play times.”

For more information about the sports-themed 360GOLF or custom-designed miniature golf courses from AGS, as well as any other AGS mini golf products (concrete, portable/modular) email [email protected], call 231-922-8166 or visit www.AGSGolfAndSports.com.