Logo for Campy an AI Chatbot by Insider Perks

Insider Perks has added a new feature to its AI chatbot ‘Campy.’

Insider Perks has announced a new enhancement to Campy, the dedicated AI chatbot serving campgrounds and RV parks, that allows it to intelligently respond to customer service emails. This new capability ensures that inquiries received via email are handled with the same efficiency and consistency as those managed through the chat interface, at no additional cost to the user, according to a press release.

Utilizing the same comprehensive database as the chatbot, this feature identifies incoming emails sent to a park’s support address, routes them through a series of AI-driven processes and automation, and delivers a draft response back to the inbox for human review before sending. This not only streamlines the response process but also maintains a personal touch by allowing for final human oversight.

“In today’s fast-paced world, responding quickly and effectively to customer inquiries has never been more critical,” noted Insider Perks’ Founder & CEO Brian Searl. “This new feature bridges the gap between automated efficiency and the personal touch that campgrounds and RV parks are known for, ensuring every guest interaction is handled with care.”

The email response feature is designed to significantly reduce the workload on customer service teams, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional in-person experiences while Campy manages the digital front, according to a press release. It marks a significant step forward in using technology to enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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