Airstream is working to provide more units that fit into the off-grid lifestyle. Credit: CarScoops

Covid-19 pushed people to explore the great outdoors, which resulted in skyrocketing camper and RV sales. While things have cooled off, sales are still significantly higher than before the pandemic, according to CarScoops.

This has been great news for companies like Airstream, but everything isn’t rosy as CEO Bob Wheeler told us campground capacity has lagged behind the increase in demand. As a result, finding a place to park can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s especially true if you want to enjoy one of America’s National Parks as some sites are booked for weeks in advance.

To avoid the crowds and complications, an increasing number of people are turning to boondocking. This means they’re leaving the campground behind and are off-grid without access to water, sewer or power.

The lack of infrastructure poses a challenge, but it’s one that Airstream is stepping up to tackle by adding more off-grid capabilities to its lineup.

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