Airwave Adventurers of Napa, Calif., today (Aug. 24) announced it has completed its acquisition of Circle WiFi, a service previously owned by Circle Computer Resources (CCR) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Circle WiFi is a leading Wi-Fi service of RV resorts and campgrounds targeting users needing an economical option for internet in hard to reach areas, according to a news release. Airwave Adventurers purchased the service in order to expand its high-end WiFi service to a larger demographic.

With the Circle WiFi service Airwave Adventurers will expand their Link ’N Go Wi-Fi service to over 20 new resorts and parks throughout the southern and central regions of the United States. Airwave Adventurers president Jim Ames announced the acquisition in Napa and saying it would be effective Sept. 1.

“Making sure our clients are able to deliver a reliable signal with maximum Bandwidth to their customers is our number one goal when designing our systems,” said Ames.

“Circle WiFi and Link ’N Go complement each other very well. The now combined services will help us provide high level WiFi to campgrounds and resorts in a much larger demographic than before” explained Ames. “It’s a win-win for us and for CCR. They can focus more directly on what they’re best at: premiere technology solutions; and we can expand our high-level Link ’N Go Wi-Fi service to benefit a greater number of locations.”

Airwave Adventurers is one of the oldest and most advanced providers in the RV resort and campground industry. Airwave looks forward to enhance the already excellent service that Circle WiFi has been providing their clients.

CCR President Shea Kelly believes Airwave Adventurers will be a great match for his Circle WiFi offering. “Airwave is a provider of specialized connections to resorts looking for top-notch solutions,” said Kelly. “They provide niche services that other companies simply cannot offer.”

“It’s easy to acquire an offering from a company that is so advanced. The service Circle provided to their clients was excellent – so the transition to Link’N Go has been seamless; from excellence to excellence” added Ames. “We’re really looking forward to welcoming all of the Circle WiFi parks into the Airwave Adventurers’ Link’N Go family.”