A public park near Huntsville, Ala., is shutting down temporarily to evict a handful of year-round campers.
The move has some regulars fuming mad, but it’s those regulars who are partly to blame for the shutdown, according to WAFF 48 News, Huntsville.
The Marshall County Park Number 2 Campground sits on the banks of Lake Guntersville southeast of Huntsville. Right now the campground has 35 to 40 campers, but a problem, according to County Commission Chairman Douglas Fleming, is that three or four stay year-round. It’s something Fleming says is against regulations.
All campers have until Jan. 5 to vacate the premises.
“They suggested that I call everybody and have all the campers move out of here (so) they can do a bunch of landscaping in here because they can’t do it with the campers in here,” said Tom Campbell, park manager.
It will only be shut down temporarily, long enough to make the improvements. Fleming also says it will give them time to establish new rules and make it clear there is only a certain length of time campers can stay.
“I don’t want to move that camper but the county commission ain’t gonna give me no choice,” said Charles Kirby, who has lived there since July.
The park should re-open in March or April, but Kirby says there’s one thing for sure, he’ll never come back.