One of Chilton County’s oldest peach-named businesses, Jemison’s Peach Queen Campground has welcomed tourist from around the world while giving them a slice of county flavor and local tradition, according to reporting in the Clanton Advertiser in Chilton County, Ala. The campground was established in 1974 but comes with a much older, deep-rooted family history.

During the 1800s the Dorminey family moved to Jemison from Georgia and set up their homestead of 1,500 acres (which encompassed the Union Grove community, future Jemison interstate exit and campground.) Six generations later, the Dorminey family still lives on the property and operates the RV and campground for those eager to enjoy the great outdoors.

“My great-grandfather, who owned this land, thought that it was more important to have a good neighbor than land, so he gave it away to people in the community to help establish neighbors and a sense of community,” said Donn Dorminey Sr. “He owned a gristmill and gave the lumber and land to build Union Grove church and the school house that was located where the Union Grove fire station is now.”

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