Despite opposition from Rocky View County staff, council approved on Nov. 23 an application to rezone agricultural land to accommodate a campground and RV storage park in the southern Alberta community, the Rocky View Weekly reported

The land, which is located three miles east of Chestermere, is in an area identified as a potential major business corridor in the Growth Management Strategy (GMS) and is located in close proximity to a Wheatland County industrial area.

“I believe this fits into the GMS,” said Reeve Rolly Ashdown. “It is located on a corridor where industry already exists.”

The owners plan to develop a full-service RV park with storage, maintenance and cleaning facilities, and a campground parcel. The development will include a pump-and-haul sewage system. A well will provide water.

County staff expressed concern about stormwater management, roads and impacts to surrounding wetlands. The staff report recommended adopting a Master Site Development Plan before moving forward.

Linda Ratzlaff, Rocky View policy and land-use manager, said she was concerned about the number of commercial and industrial developments in the county.

“How many pies can we throw out on our map and make them successful?’ said Ratzlaff. “I think it is a balancing act.”

Despite concerns, council agreed to move forward with the rezoning.

“What is being proposed is technically fine,” said Councillor Earl Solberg, adding that he has no concerns about potential runoff from the development contaminating area wetlands.

Councillor Lois Habberfield agreed.

“I think this is the right location for this kind of development,” she said.

Councillors Kim Magnuson and Rick Butler voted against the rezoning, citing environmental concerns and lack of planning.

“I don’t believe we can make such fundamental decisions without a plan,” said Butler.