M.D. of Pincher CreekIn an about-face, the MD of Pincher Creek council in Alberta turned down a proposed campground development at the Waterton Reservoir, according to the Toronto Star.

Glenda Kettles originally applied for an amendment to the land-use bylaw back in January to rezone family property from agricultural to rural recreational. Her plan was to build a seasonal campground at the location, the details of which were presented during the May 11 council meeting.

At the time, council members expressed support for the project due to the lack of available campsites in the area. Feedback from constituents, however, had council members change their minds.

“My cellphone voicemail was filled during committee this morning,” said Coun. Quentin Stevick during the June 8 council meeting. “One hundred percent of the people that have contacted me are opposed to the removal of agricultural land.”

Voting in opposition to the rezoning’s first reading, he added, was an easy way for the council to save administration and MD residents time since the discontent expressed to him would only re-emerge during the public hearing that would follow approving the first reading.

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