Crews are cutting down trees in Alberta to create a fire break.

Wildfire prevention efforts, mountain pine beetle damage, as well as some construction and road work mean thousands of trees are being cut down around Jasper, Alberta, according to Global News.

More than 864-acres of trees are being removed as part of a wildfire risk reduction project. It’s an expansion of the community fireguard that’s been maintained for the last 30 years.

Thousands of pine beetle-infested Lodgepole pine trees and mature spruce trees are being removed to try and make it easier for crews to battle a potential wildfire. The firebreak extends from Patricia Lake to Highway 16.

“We’re basically creating a crescent of cleared space to the north and the west of the community and that will give us more room to defend against fire,” said Dave Argument, a resource conservation manager with Jasper National Park.

A large number of hiking trails in the Pyramid Bench area are being impacted by the tree removal.

Canadian Forest Products is doing the work for free in exchange for the wood.

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