Allan Pond Beach, Alberta

Parkland County approved first reading of a bylaw to make an amendment to facilitate the construction of a seasonal recreational community near Spruce Grove, Alberta, an Edmonton suburb.

Otherwise known as the Allan Beach Pond area, the resort historically operated between the early 1950s until 2008 as an on-route campground approval for 183 RV and tent sites along with a publicly accessible beach, the Spruce Grove Examiner reported.

If passed, the bylaw would allow for the development of a recreational resort with privately owned lots and services within a Condominium Corporation.

The resort will be exclusive to recreational vehicles and will have seasonal services throughout the spring, summer and fall.

TRG Developments Corp. is the new owner of the 33-acre property and consists of a group of 264 individual investors that have had been involved with the resort since losing money after a former developer went into receivership in 2009.

Laura Burt, TRG general manager, stated that it is a very sensitive and emotional development between the group and nearby residents.

“The mission for us is not to go in as a developer and make boat loads of money. Really it’s a bit of a rescue mission to try to get something back for the people who basically lost all of their retirement.”

TRG held two open houses last winter to engage the public on proposed plans.

The three main issues brought to the developer’s attention were:

  • A desire not to have full-time residences built on the BRR lots;
  • A desire to move away from the park model style units which were originally proposed.
  • Will there be enough potable water to service the new development without interfering with existing users?

According to the Parkland administration report it was found that:

“The developer has made an effort to address the issues raised by those that attended the open houses by limiting services to spring, summer and fall months, limiting the structures to recreational vehicles only, and submitting the appropriate geotechnical reports that assess the water supply that will come from the underlying aquifer.”

“In my opinion we have tried to do everything that we can as a group/company/developer to try and appease the people around there,” said Burt.

TRG is trying to keep the process as cost effective as possible, given that most of the group has previously lost money.

If approved, they plan to expeditiously move forward with development.

After launching an official website two months ago, www.alanbeach.com, TRG has received over 100 written inquiries on how to purchase lots.

“I think it’s important to understand that it’s not just some developer coming in there with their chest flaring out saying we’re slamming this in here and we’re going to make all of this money. It’s not like that at all. We’re just trying to do what’s best for us and what’s best for the residents,” ended Burt.