Alberta Provincial Parks

Alberta Provincial Parks had a big year in 2023, according to a recent report. Credit: Alberta Provincial Parks © David Butler

Officials with the provincial government of Alberta say millions of Albertans and visitors from around the world gathered in Alberta’s backyard this year to hike, camp, swim, sightsee and much more, according to RDNewsNow.com.

Alberta Forestry and Parks officials say they are putting the spotlight on the province’s successful 2023 summer season. Part of that success is thanks to the 450 seasonal staff hired by Forestry and Parks to support visitor safety and unique outdoor experiences, officials point out.

In addition to Albertans and Canadians traveling in their backyard, the government says the province welcomed visitors from 36 countries, including many from the United States. With more than 254,000 camping reservations made this year, provincial government officials say that visitors reported a satisfaction rate of 87%. Alberta’s provincial parks are said to have added $1 billion (CAD) in GDP, $400 million in labor income and almost 9,000 jobs to the provincial economy.

“Parks are for people, and clearly people are using our parks,” said Todd Loewen, Minister of Forestry and Parks. “With a provincial park or recreation area within an hour of virtually every community in the province, our parks system is accessible to every Albertan and attracts visitors from around the world. I’m very proud of the successful season we had.”

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