An RV park west of Edmonton, Alberta, has become a little Fort McMurray, CBC News reported.

When the fire known as “the beast” took hold of their city more than three weeks ago, more than 90,000 people in Fort McMurray had to flee to the south.

Some of them, including Pat Caron, took their recreational vehicles.

Now, many of those RVs are lined up side-by-side at the Diamond Grove RV Campground in Spruce Grove, 20 miles west of Edmonton.

During the seven-hour journey to safety down Highway 63, Caron rang up Paulette Biggar, co-owner of Diamond Grove, and told her they were on their way — Caron’s family stays there typically once a year.

“I think we arrived here about midnight and Paulette and her staff were here to meet us and bring us into our site,” said Caron. “So it was great they welcomed us. It was a tough time.”

Of the 241 lots available in the 25-acre park, 170 are filled with Fort McMurray evacuees.

Biggar said she expected maybe 20 to 40, but because of word of mouth the population exploded in mid-May.

“Around the May long weekend, a lot of people that were in parks got kicked out because of other people coming in for the weekend. We were fortunate enough to not have to do that,” she said.

Instead, when the May long weekend campers showed up, Diamond Grove opened up a section of the park typically used for storage and allowed people to stay there.

Biggar estimates there are now around 700 to 800 evacuees in the site. Having such a large population in one place comes with an unexpected positive — surprise reunions.

“We gave this one couple a map and told them, ‘When you go through, you will probably see someone you know’ and they said ‘Oh no, Fort McMurray is a big city,'” Biggar said.

“They came back in a few minutes: ‘Oh can we have lot so and so. Our friends are right next door.’ So they had run into quite a few they knew just running through.”

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