The city council in Airdrie, Alberta, approved on April 2 a user pay system for the RV sanitary facility located in Fletcher Park to pay for lifecycle upgrades.

According to Glenn Archer, operations lead for water services in Airdrie, the existing facility has become unserviceable, the Airdrie City View reported.

“It was installed in excess of 25 years ago and predates the Sunridge development,” he said. “The floor of the homemade vault was cracked and breaking up, drain piping had sagged and sediment collection required frequent flushing. The access road that was suitable for use 25 years ago is not adequate for use now.”

He said the facility is poorly graded and has low area that must be flushed by large trucks that are a nuisance to residents.

To date, city crews have replaced the existing cast-in-place vault with a proper manhole, replaced piping to current codes and installed required cleanouts. Work has been done with funds from the Sewer Underground Maintenance account.

Work that still needs to be done includes: repairing access road structures, restoring site grades for proper drainage, installing a concrete island to guide RV units and protect new infrastructure, installing a backflow preventer on water service site as required by plumbing code and installing proper garbage cans that are protected from wind.

Signs will be installed indicating how to use the site correctly. A new water service will be installed to prevent backflow.

“These improvements will result in a more functional design, a cleaner site and an improved customer experience,” said Archer.

The user pay station will be a credit card and debit card swipe style to avoid attempted thefts of a cash machine. The machine will generate a small amount of revenue and will allow the city to count users. The proposed fee for the service would be $5 per use.

It will cost $1,200 to install and $150 per month to lease.

“What will happen with enforcement?” asked Mayor Peter Brown.

“This could possibly increase traffic in that area.”

Municipal Enforcement, in cooperation with the RCMP, is reviewing the logistics of an officer periodically inspecting the site via Sixth Ave. on Monday afternoons and evenings of a long weekend, said Archer.

Planning is underway for an eastside site that would combine bulk water and RV sanitary collection in the next three to five years.