Cottonwood RV Park

A rendering of Cottonwood RV Park.

The Cottonwood (Ariz.) Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved a design review application for a new RV park near the airport, according to JournalAZ.com.

The RV park, which will be known as the Airport Cottonwood Springs RV Park, will be located on 37 acres on Happy Jack Way south of Mingus Avenue and west of the airport.

The developer, Mike Mongini, owner of Happy Jack Lodge LLC, is excited about building an RV park in Cottonwood.

“We think Cottonwood’s entertainment district has a lot to offer to these RVers in the close proximity,” he said.

Mongini has plans to lease the property from the city of Cottonwood, build up to 500 RV sites and move the existing RV storage already in the area. The RV spaces will be designed to meet requirements by having at least 50% open space to allow for grills, tables, chairs and recreational equipment. Spaces will vary in size for different types of RVs.

There are also two community spaces drawn into the plans, each containing a fire pit, drink rail and chairs for campers to enjoy. There will also be two sheltered picnic areas, a community building and a dog park.

“Our code does require 800 square feet of open space per unit, and that can be included in a community open space as well as individual, as long as it’s open space and can be enjoyed by the public,” Senior Community Development Planner Gary Davis said.

The project will be completed in two phases. During the first phase, the developers will complete 150 spaces in the southern part of the parcel. Later on, the rest of the spaces will be developed, the clubhouse will be built and solar canopies will be installed.

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