Arizona’s Gila Bend KOA Campground has a new 15- by 25-foot American flag, which has been installed in time for July 4th weekend festivities.

“Flags are a symbol of our heritage and our freedom, and when visitors arrive in Gila Bend, the first thing they will see will be our big red, white and blue flag, which we display proudly in the center of town,” said Michael Celaya, Gila Bend’s town manager, in a press release.

The flag was donated by Scott Swanson of the 130-site campground, who partnered with Tim Suan, Brandon Espinosa and several local vendors to refurbish the town’s flag pole and lighting system, which sits on property owned by Mujabar Gani.

Hometown True Value donated the paint and a company called Empire donated the lift to paint, repair, and replace the flag’s pulley system, while AMS donated the cable and pulley system and APS installed the LED lighting system.

Swanson sees the flag project as the latest in a series of efforts by Gila Bend businesses and residents to promote their community as an affordable winter destination as well as a worthwhile stop for tourists interested in exploring Arizona history.

For more information about the Gila Bend KOA, the town of Gila Bend and the Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce, please visit their respective websites at www.koa.com/camp/gila-bend, www.gilabendaz.org, and www.gilabendazchamber.com.

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