Bryan Martyn is fond of telling people his own mantra as the executive director of Arizona State Parks.

“No child left inside. I’m convinced a kid’s best memory won’t be from their best day of playing video games. It would be from a day at one of our parks,” Martyn said during a recent visit to McFarland State Park in Florence.

He added, “I tell people I have the best job in Arizona. I enjoy telling people about the great things our parks are doing.”

According to a report in the Florence Reminder & Blade Tribune, Martyn’s stop was the second of four he’s making around the state.

“I’m inviting you to take ownership of this park,” Martyn told a small gathering. “Do great things here. I would love to hear about big events happening here, whether it’s weddings or wine tastings or fundraisers.

“There are special use permits that come into play. Make this your venue of choice. If you want to make this park your standard bearer for historic structures in Florence, I’m open to that.”

Arizona State Parks is not a part of the general fund and does not receive state funding, Martyn noted. “Arizona is one of three states that does not fund its state parks, so we have to figure out how to make money. We try to figure out how to get as many people as we can to visit our parks and partner with our communities.”

“I’m in the business of generating revenue.”

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