Resorts in Yuma, Ariz., are anticipating even more traffic this year. Photo credit: WestWinds

This winter, there are sure to be a lot more people out on the roads and occupying businesses if the U.S. opens its border to Mexicans and Canadians, according to KYMA.

Wednesday (July 21), the U.S. extended border restrictions to Aug. 21.

Yuma County, Ariz., is a popular destination spot for Canadians, being the sunniest city in the country.

Linda Morgan, executive director of Visit Yuma says about 86% of Canadians that travel to the U.S. come to Arizona. Yuma County has an advantage because of the many beaches along the Colorado River and the proximity to the Imperial Sand Dunes and Mexico, another common travel location.

Christa Parker, resort manager at WestWinds, is looking forward to welcoming guests to our area, given that many stay here for up to two or three months.

“We just need to be prepared for not only the Canadians that we missed out on last year but a lot more people are traveling within the states,” Parker explained. “So, I think it’s going to be even fuller with more people that have possibly never been to Yuma before.”

With threats of the Delta variant, things could easily change in the next few months and the border restriction might be extended beyond August 21.

“Some people are afraid that maybe their plans will be interfered with but I think a lot more people are hopeful this year,” Parker stated.

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