Seeing signs of progress in Willcox, Ariz., George and Rachel Woods are in the process of upgrading a local RV park on Haskell Avenue.

George Woods told the Range News he “followed” Willcox for about a year before buying Lifestyle RV Resort in March.

At first, the things people said about Willcox were discouraging, he said.

“Then I talked to other people, and the more I got encouraged,” Woods said, recalling one particular uplifting conversation with an older Willcox native who had lost her husband, but was not moving away.

Ultimately, Woods did not buy the property, but spotted the RV park during his visit. He went in and talked to the then-owner, who informed Woods it was not for sale at that time, he said.

Sometime later, a local real estate agent contacted Woods about the park. He bought it and went to work.

“We got the old trailers out of here, and we restocked the store,” with items such as snacks, drinks, swimsuits, and RV parts, he told the Range News. “We also redid the gym and pool area. It’s looking wonderful.”

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