Benton County Building

The Benton County Administration Building in Bentonville, Ark.

The Benton County (Ark.) Planning Board on Wednesday (Sept. 21) voted to deny a plan for a “glamping” site near Beaver Lake, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The planners had two options: vote to approve or deny the proposal. The time limit had passed for the board to vote to table the matter.

The board members were concerned about the impact wastewater from the glamping site could have on Beaver Lake. Board member Rick Williams made the motion to deny the request because he said there are too many unknowns, hypotheticals and threats. Board member Sean Collyge said he was concerned about the impact on the water quality at Beaver Lake.

Gene and Candia Nicholas, the property owners, submitted an application for a glamping site to be comprised of 24 glamping tents, six covered wagons, five family cabins, five vacation cabins, a lodge, a waterfront pavilion, a pool/spa and a maintenance shed and bathhouse, according to planning documents.

Updated site plans include 40 glamping tents, 12 covered wagons, a base-camp lodge, equipment rental space, a pool/spa, maintenance/wellhouse, two pavilions and a bathhouse, according to planning documents.

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