arvc_logo_ideas_cmykThe National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) announced a new benefit for members.

ARVC is now offering discounts on SiriusXM music for businesses, the organization said in a written announcement.

ARVC members can obtain discounts of up to 40% on SiriusXM music subscriptions and equipment for businesses, and choose from either Internet or satellite service options. High-speed Internet service offers 85 channels of SiriusXM music, while 69 channels are available through satellite radio. All of the music is provided on an unlimited basis with no ads or timeouts and the fee includes licensing costs.

The SiriusXM music system also connects easily with campground audio and telephone systems and does not require a technician for installation.

ARVC, based in Centennial, Colo., negotiated the deal through DynamicMedia, a Sterling Heights, Mich.-based company that specializes in designing and implementing business music programs in the U.S.