With the RV park and campground sector doing relatively well right now despite the year’s obvious economic headwinds, Linda Profaizer, president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), reports that signups are ahead of last year for the annual ”2009 InSites Convention and Outdoor Hospitality Expo,” Nov. 9-12 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando — both in terms of attendees and vendors.

“Our (attendance) prospects our pretty good,” Profaizer told Woodalls Campground Management. “You know, we’re not maybe going to have the numbers that we used to get in Orlando. But we’re going to have between 500 and 600 parks represented, which is pretty good in this economy. And we’ve got a great Expo lined up. I think a sold-out Expo is kind of exceeding our expectations right at this point in time. So, I think it’s going to be a good session. I guess I’d say that we’re sort of exceeding our expectations at this time.”

Although no one pretends that the recession is over yet, said Profaizer, the fact of the matter is that the RV park and campground sector has, to an extent, come through the downturn better than some might have expected.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good way of putting it,” she said. “I mean, nobody knew last year coming into this year what kind of year to expect with the economy and all. And it really has turned out to be a better year than I think many expected. You know, the new ‘up’ is flat. That’s good. But we’ve generally had parks ranging from down 5% to up 5%. Some of them are talking about being up 30%.

“I think a lot of it depends upon where they’re located,” she added. “Certainly urban areas are doing better, and I think what they have to offering (in terms of amenities) is also a big factor. People are using their RV’s … and tenting is big. And that’s kind of a new market, you know. That’s a good sign.”

The 3,600-member association’s convention reservations are getting an extra boost this year from the concurrent Leisure Systems Inc. Symposium – on the 40th anniversary of its Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort franchise – at the same Orlando site.

Here’s what the exhibitor booth assignments looked like as of Oct. 20:
1 CrossRoads RV
2 Stone Canyon Lodges & Park Models LLC
3 Chariot Eagle Inc.
4 Chariot Eagle Inc.
5 Athen Park Homes
6 Breckenridge Park Trailers
7 Breckenridge Park Trailers
8 Skyline Corporation
9 Commercial Recreation Specialists
10 PETS, Rentals Inc./PETS Inc.
11 Keystone RV Co.
12 Airstream
13 Jack London Park Cabins
100 TengoInternet Inc.
101 Utility Supply Group
104 Frito Lay
105a Campground Automation Systems
113 Linora Corporation DBA NomadISP
200 Leisure Systems/Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks
201 Woodalls
204 Campersview.com
205 AGS Powered by RV Tripsetter
208 Oglebay School
212 Cody Talbert
213 Mission Management
217 Binkley & Hurst LP
300 Trailer Life Directory
301 Evergreen USA
304 GoCamping America.com
305 Thor Industries Inc.
309 Jamestown Advanced Products
312 Dogipot
315a LCN Outdoors LLC
315b Camco Manufacturing
319a Guest Reviews
319b MacKinnon Campground Consulting
400 Ron Beard & Associates
401 Intelligent Products, Inc.
402 Strait Web Solutions
403 Wilcor International
404 Morgan RV Resorts
405 Wilcor International
406 Payment Processing Consultants
407 Wilcor International
408 Prime Pedal Karts
409 Phelps Honey Wagon
410 Prime Pedal Karts
413 Anderson’s Brochure Distributon Service
414 Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality
415 Morgan RV Resorts
416 First Impression Sign Co.
417 Dura-Bilt Products Inc.
418 BYO Playground
500 Pucker Powder by Creative Concepts
501 HD Supply Faculties Maintenance
502 Playaboule
503 Campground Engineers
504 Rhode Island Novelty
505 Philadelphia Insurance Cos.
506 Rhode Island Novelty
507 Keystone Kabins
508 Doggie Deposit
509 Centrum Systems Inc.
512 G.A. Printing
513 JWH Distributing/ Eco-Save Products
514 Zamperla Inc.
515 John’s Welding LLC
516 Mazur North America/Emerald FX
517 BestHoliday Trav-L-Park Association
519 EasyLife, LLC
521 Cavco Park Homes & Cabins
600 Pelland Advertising
601 Camp Club USA
602 Natural Structures
603 Coast to Coast
604 K&M International/Wild Republic
605 Campmasters LLC
606 Pendaries RV Resort
608 The Tower Co.
609 Gattuso Distributing
612 Kampgrounds of America
613 USI Insurance
614 Telamode
616 Sky Blue Solutions
618 Rain Drop Products LLC
619 Trailmate Inc.
620 Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association
621 Trailmate Inc.
622 Water Vendor by US
625 Silver-Top Manufacturing Co. Inc
627 Silver-Top Manufacturing Co. Inc
700 Quik N’ Crispy
701 Buzz Buster
702 Donald C. Westphal
703 Win Stuff/Good Stuff LLC
704 Sports Image Apparel
705 TOTAL Toys
707 TOTAL Toys
708 Gattuso Distributing
709 CAT Controllers Inc.
712 Colortime Crafts
713 JetPay, LLC
714 Best Parks in America
717 Image Plus LLC
718 Jumping Pillows LLC
719 Fluid Manufacturing
720 Jumping Pillows LLC
721 Walex Products Co. Inc.
724 AquaMaster Fountains & Aerators
726 PMC Commercial Trust
728 Green River Cabins
800 Giftworks Plus
801 Gerber Manufacturing Ltd.
806 McNeil & Co. Inc. – AdvenSure
809 ATM Systems
812 Energy Management Partners, LLC
815 Parks and Places Inc.
818 Check Box Systems
819 MCPS for Campgrounds
820 Pacific Yurts Inc.
821 Allied Specialty Insurance Inc.
905 Suburban Propane
908 Kasco Marine, Inc.
912 ProDesign & Vending
913 Friend Communications
914 ProDesign & Vending
915 Friend Communications
919 Eaton Corp – RV Park Hookups
920 Cold River Mining
921 Eaton Corp – RV Park Hookups
1000 Atlas Merchant Services
1011 I.C.E Inc.
1012 Friend Communications
1013 ProDesign & Vending
1014 Friend Communications
1020 ClearView Financial Inc.