The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) has joined the geocaching craze that’s already captured the hearts of more than 2 million outdoor enthusiasts throughout the country.
Geocaching is an outdoor hide and seek treasure hunt for GPS users. To showcase the campground industry’s love of outdoor activities and this new trend in particular, ARVC has launched the Discover America’s Hidden Treasures in RV Parks and Campgrounds program, ARVC announced in a news release. “We will encourage outdoor enthusiasts to come and find treasure boxes and treasures of nature in our parks,” ARVC stated.
Starting Friday (Feb. 1), www.GoCampingAmerica.com will encourage site viewers to give geocaching a try and will suggest they do so in an ARVC member park. Campgrounds that already offer geocaching activities in their property should contact ARVC to be listed on the website.
Campground operators who would like to add their first geocache within their park and need some tips on getting started may check out the Treasure Hunt Toolbox, or work on their caching lingo with the “cachtionary,” both found on the ARVC website, www.arvc.org. “Once you are up and running with the game, let us know and we will add information on your park to the website,” ARVC stated.
There are currently 494,976 registered caches. In seven days, more than 180,000 new logs were posted on www.geocaching.com, ARVC stated. “That’s a huge universe of individuals already committed to outdoor enjoyment. There are many gatherings of geocachers across the country, and many are held at RV parks and campgrounds,” ARVC noted. ARVC said hosting a geocach is a novel way to allow guests to explore a park or campground and some of the hidden treasures it offers. Geocaching appeals to adults and children alike.