Editor’s Note: This blog posting was written by officials at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). 

In a continued effort to ensure the National Electric Code (NEC) works in favor of all RV parks and campgrounds, ARVC has officially submitted a Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) as a formal request to change the existing code language regarding GFCI protection on 30- and 50-amp RV electrical services.

A TIA allows emergency changes to be put in place between publication dates of the written NEC.  Upon adoption, this TIA — TIA 1474 — would change the NEC to specifically prohibit the requirement of GFCI protection on the 30- and 50-amp RV electrical services.

ARVC, and its industry partners RVIA and RVDA, are requesting all members join a grassroots effort to show support for TIA 1474. You can join this effort by customizing the email template below and emailing it to [email protected]:

Dear Secretary, Standards Council,

I strongly support the adoption of TIA 1474 concerning NFPA 70 551.71(F).

As a RV park and campground owner, I support TIA 1474 for the following reasons:

  • 30- and 50-amp devices are feeders and not subject to 210.8(B);
  • The additive leakage allowed by multiple GFCI devices in an RV could easily exceed the limits of a Class A GFCI device;
  • The Code Making Panel did not have the opportunity to review and correlate Article 551 during the 2017 code process; and
  • The 2020 code now has conflicts within Article 551.71 concerning weather-resistant 20-amp receptacles, as well as with other special occupancy sections of the NEC.

Furthermore, the approval of TIA 1474 should be considered an urgent matter because the NEC in its current form has created ambiguous and possibly unenforceable code sections.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Members have until Nov. 7 to submit a letter in support of the TIA.