The executive committee of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) convened Thursday (Sept. 15) and decided to ask the board of Campground Owners of New York (CONY) to reconsider its decision to leave ARVC.

ARVC’s request appears in a letter sent today to CONY Chairman Scott Sherwood, ARVC Chairman David L. Berg told Woodall’s Campground Management.

CONY’s board met Monday and voted  11-2 with one abstention to drop its affiliation with ARVC. (It was previously reported that the vote was unanimous.) ARVC announced CONY’s decision in a news release issued late Wednesday. Disagreements over ARVC’s willingness to offer free trial memberships to state parks as well as discounts to campground companies with multiple parks in multiple states were the main reasons for CONY’s decision.

“We had lengthy discussions about the CONY situation,” Berg continued. “Our No. 1 goal is to do everything within our power to continue a strong working relationship between ARVC and all its affiliates, including CONY. I see great value in doing whatever it takes to reverse that decision for the betterment of all our memberships.”

Berg said ARVC has several options, depending upon how Sherwood and CONY respond to today’s letter.

Berg also contacted CONY Executive Director Donald G. Bennett Jr., and asked him to reconsider his resignation from the ARVC board as an at-large member. He said Bennett said he was happy with his decision and would not withdraw it.

In such situations, the ARVC chairman has the authority, pending board ratification, to name a replacement to fill an unexpired board term. Berg said he has some names already under consideration and hopes to name a successor before the ARVC conference in Savannah, Ga., in late November.

Berg stressed that “none of us in leadership in ARVC is accepting” CONY’s departure and he hopes the decision can somehow be reversed.

Berg said he is unaware of any other states that are considering similar action to CONY’s.

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