A scene from the annual Xscapers Bash, which was Jan. 14-22 in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. (Courtesy photos)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Stuart Takehara, the author of this posting, attended the Xscapers Bash, which was Jan. 14-22 in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Part of the Escapees RV Club, Xscapers is an RV owners club for the “Next Generation of RVers.” 

If, as they say, the Xscapers Annual Bash “ain’t your Grandma’s RV rally,” then what is it?

The Xscapers Annual Bash is eight days of jam-packed music, activities, games, contests, music and action. Ever attend an RV rally where they do a Margarita Throwdown and a Mac and Cheese competition?  Or get dressed up in all 90’s garb and dance all night long with a 90’s-themed cover band? Or, maybe participating in the Hump Day Sausage Fest, the Lip Sync Battle or trivia night is more your style. Either way, all this happens at the Bash — plus all of the Xscapers’ signature events including the Xscapers Olympics and the now infamous Xscapers Lot Crawl.

I attended this event for my second time, which runs from Jan. 14-22 in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., its home for the past several years having outgrown its first location in Quartzite in 2016.

Travis and Melanie Carr

According to Xscapers Co-CEO Travis and Melanie Carr, “The growth of the event and Xscapers as a whole has far surpassed our vision.  Watching thousands of members connect year after year is a dream come true and the exact reason we started the group.”

So what is the Xscapers? Xscapers is a group within the Escapees RV Club geared toward “working age RVers” – those who are younger and active and want a bit more excitement in their lives. Personally, I would say that being an Xscaper isn’t about age, it’s a mindset. There are families with kids of all ages, seniors leading bike riding excursions, off-roaders, lots of solos and digital nomads, and everything in between.

Where many RV rallies stop events at 8 or 9 p.m., the Xscapers Convergences don’t start scheduling activities until 5 p.m., as many are working during the day. It’s not uncommon to walk the grounds at 1 a.m. and hear music and activities from rigs throughout the fairgrounds. This may be why rigs are parked in different sections, such as the “Party Section” which does not have quiet hours, versus the General Section, also referred to as the “Quieter Hours.” Other options include the Solar Section where generators are not allowed, and the Family Section so the kids can get to bed in peace and quiet.

Xscapers Lot Crawl

Shane Evans has attended every single Bash since it started. “Every Bash develops its own vibe so, although there are similarities each year, it’s always a new experience,” he said.

He echoed a common theme that everyone I talked to boasted about. “Xscapers is a community. Many find their tribe here and develop a very strong road family.  I have, and I can’t imagine my life without these people in it,” Evans said.

“I’d been on the road for a year and a half as a solo traveler and making connections with peers was very challenging,” said Carla Geyer, who is attending Bash for the second year. She was wearing a custom sash showing off the accolades she has accumulated, including Best Bloody Mary, Best Lot Crawl and Scavenger Hunt Champ, among others.

She reiterated what I feel is what the Xscapers is all about. “Bash created an instant close community on the road that I could camp with, reach out to for help about anything, and give back to. After traveling alone for so long, I spent all of 2022 caravanning with Xscapers and it was a marvelous year,” she said.

Carla Geyer’s custom sash shows off the accolades she has accumulated.

First Timer – or what the Xscapers call “Convirgins” – Dan Schok experienced firsthand the sense of community the regulars talk about. “Everyone is super nice and fun and friendly.”  He continues  “Compared to festivals and parties I’ve attended this feels more inclusive and friendly.  Xscapers was just a club to get info and discounts when I joined.  Now it’s a fun thing and a way to meet more people with similar lifestyles,” he said.

Cody Morales and Jill Thompson travel together in their 24-foot Class C RV. “To say Xscapers has changed our lives is an understatement. We’ve met more people we consider life-long friends here in a couple of weeks than in 10 years of living in sticks and bricks and having ‘normal’ lives. The community has taught us how we can prolong living this way for as long as we want and we are so excited for everything that comes next,” they said.

The Xscapers Annual Bash is held every January in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. In addition to the Bash, they also host Convergences around the country throughout the year. To attend an Xscapers Rally, you must be a member of the Escapees RV Club, and you can get more information about them, the Annual Bash, the annual convergences and the Xscapers, at Xscapers.com.