B.C. Campground

A feasibility study on expanding a municipal campground should be completed soon.

Nakusp village council in British Columbia has awarded a contract of up to $16,500 to Kamloops-based L.A. West to conduct a feasibility study to look at expanding the local campground, according to Arrow Lakes News.

The village sent out a request for a proposal to complete the study back in September and received nine bids before it closed on Oct. 2.

While the company didn’t provide the lowest bid for the project, it offered the most extensive services as part of its application. L.A. West is a landscape architectural design firm.

Village deputy chief administrative officer Mark Tennant said the feasibility study will look into a variety of things.

“ L.A. West staff will investigate how much of an expansion makes sense, putting in more powered sites and creating a new entrance that’s more accessible to larger travel trailers,” said Tennant. “The study won’t get down to the nitty-gritty around exactly how many more sites will be installed, but rather give us an overall sense of what should occur during the expansion.”

Village chief administrative officer Cheryl Martens said the study will also investigate expanding the campground towards the beach. A new municipal building for visitors to register at when they arrive at the campground and a shower/washroom building are some of the amenities that could be built if the project gets underway.

The estimated cost of the expansion project would be at least $300,000. Electrical work alone would cost around $100,000.

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