The ban on RVs parked in residential areas in Williston, N.D., began Sept. 1, but city leaders say they’ll ease residents into it because new RV parks are still in the process of opening, the Jamestown Sun reported.

The new ordinance adopted by the Williston City Commission makes it illegal to live in an RV outside of a designated RV park. The penalty for violating the ordinance is a $500 fine for each day of noncompliance.

City officials expect to start by giving out warnings and addressing the areas of town that have received complaints, said Mayor Ward Koeser.

“We’re going to try to not come down hard, but work with people,” Koeser said.

The Williston Village RV Resort is being developed to help accommodate those residents. The park’s website says it will open this week.

“We’re cutting it close on the time frame,” Koeser said. “We’ll try to be understanding until that park has available slots.”

That park is advertising rent starting at $795 per month, not including electricity.

Williams County has new RV parks that are being developed, but they’re not open yet, according to the county planning and zoning office.

City Commissioner Tate Cymbaluk, who worked on a committee that studied the RV issue, said many people started to move out in anticipation of the ban and the city has been receiving fewer complaints.

City leaders have said the RVs scattered throughout Williston pose health and safety risks.

The RV ordinance will affect commercial areas beginning Nov. 1. Many Williston businesses have employees who live in RVs in their parking lots. The ordinance will allow contractors to apply for permits to accommodate construction workers.