Campers Code Over the past year as Canadians stayed close to home, more people have been discovering the joys of camping. British Columbia’s parks and campgrounds have seen an influx of new visitors, some with little to no previous camping experience. Whether you are new to camping or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, we all have a role to play when sharing these spaces, according to a press release.

To emphasize this, a group of government agencies and non-profit organizations from across BC’s camping sector collaborated on a new Camper’s Code. The code aims to highlight guidelines and expectations of camping, helping all campers, from families in RVs staying at private campgrounds to solo adventurers heading into the backcountry, to enjoy the outdoors safely and respectfully.

The Camper’s Code is inspired by the decades-long success of the Alpine Responsibility Code in the ski industry. It is a collaborative effort between the Camping and RVing Coalition of BC and a wide range of supporting organizations and agencies.

The Code consists of nine simple messages to inspire a sense of shared responsibility and an understanding of appropriate behavior. Campers are encouraged to take an online pledge and to help inspire a camping culture that is rooted in common sense, respect,and sustainability. Take the pledge at camperscode.com and share it with others.

“The goal of the Camper’s Code” said Jamie Cox, president of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association, “is to build more awareness about desired camper behaviours, educate new campers on acceptable behaviours and to promote the sustainability of British Columbia as a destination for future generations to enjoy.”

Louise Pedersen, executive director of the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC said: “The great thing about the Code is that there’ll be no finger-wagging. We are simply putting the information out to the community through social media to empower campers to learn more and begin sharing knowledge with each other.”

“The Camper’s Code, developed by BC Parks and our partners in the camping and tourism sectors, will inspire British Columbians to camp with care,” said Kelly Greene, parliamentary Secretary for Environment. “More people than ever are now spending time in nature and discovering the benefits to our overall health and well-being. We are looking forward to another summer of camping and outdoor recreation, and we all play a role in taking care of the natural beauty of our provincial parks.”

Learn more and take the pledge to camp responsibly at camperscode.com.


Camper's Code