Best Parks of America recently confirmed the core values of its foundation and its mission to connect consumers to RV resorts and campgrounds.

Looking forward to an exciting 2013, a continued emphasis will be on promoting the RV and camping lifestyle, highlighting experience and the unique differences each property in the network brings to the consumer, according to a news release. Best Parks affiliates commit to deliver on the promise of “Exceeding guest expectations, every time, every location.”

In collaboration with its network affiliates Best Parks in America has established core values, which drive profitable business and meet the needs of the RVing and camping enthusiast:

  1. Best Parks affiliates deliver the best facilities, amenities, services and hospitality experiences in the outdoor industry.
  2. Best Parks promotes an “on your own but not alone” business philosophy which provides affiliates with the advantages of a franchised brand identity without the cost of franchise fees, royalties and lengthy contracts.
  3. Best Parks is a brand which allows independent properties to effectively compete in the markets they serve while benefitting from the collaboration of resources.
  4. Best Parks is the source for the highest quality professional business services, marketing, and technology for affiliates that increase revenues, decrease costs, and expand consumer access.
  5. Best Parks promotes an enriched and unique consumer outdoor experience and does not promote discounts.
  6. Best Parks rewards and encourages loyalty to Best Parks in America affiliates through the Best Guests in America membership program.
  7. Best Parks affiliates “Exceed guest expectations . . . every time . . . every location.”

“We are committed to generating enthusiasm among the outdoor, camping, and RVing consumer and to promote healthy, active and exciting lifestyle experiences,” said David Gorin, president, Best Parks in America. “Today’s consumer is savvy and expects the best in services, physical attributes and experiences . . . and our affiliates are uniquely qualified to deliver on those expectations.”

About Best Parks in America

Best Parks in America is the leading national network of premium-level outdoor hospitality properties representing the finest RV resorts and campgrounds in the U.S. Its mission is to organize and promote an exclusive group of independent outdoor resorts, including destination campgrounds, luxury RV parks, romantic cabins and expansive self-contained RV resorts. Established in 2003 by forward-thinking leaders in the outdoor hospitality industry, it started with 21 initial members. Today, the current affiliated Best Parks in America are independent and unique and all are committed to delivering rich, authentic experiences their guests have come to expect in their vacation experience. To be welcomed into the Best Parks family of outdoor destination resorts, each property must adhere to strict quality standards and be committed to offering the best in hospitality services.

For information on affiliation with Best Parks call Deb Kohls at (714) 698-9509 or visit BestParks.net for park affiliation information.