Best Parks in America has announced that it has stepped up it qualifications for park eligibility in the Best Parks system.

Effective immediately, parks must have a 5 Woodall rating for facilities with a minimum of a 9 overall Woodall rating or a 27 Trailer Life rating, according to a news release.

Prior to this change a park was eligible for Best Parks affiliation with a total Woodall rating of 9 or higher with either a 4/5, 5/4, or 5/5. Under the new requirements, the first number must be a 5. Also prior to the change, parks were eligible with a 26.5 Trailer Life rating; that rating has now moved up a notch to a 27 total.

“As we hear from more and more RVers and campers, we’re learning that they expect a higher level of facilities from Best Parks in America affiliates and we want to be sure we are meeting their expectations. Pushing the rating bar a bit higher is one step in that direction,” said Best Parks President David Gorin. “We want to continue to strive to make the RVer experience at Best Parks consistent across the brand this is one way to accomplish that.”

Parks currently participating in the Best Parks system will need to meet the higher rating on the date of their next affiliation renewal. Best Parks has introduced several new programs to assist parks that want to raise ratings to meet or exceed the new standard.

Parks that receive an A Guest Review rating with at least 50 reviews remain eligible for Best Parks affiliation. That standard remains unchanged at this time.

“If 50 or more consumers review and rate the park at an A level, we’re confident that the park qualifies for Best Parks in America,” Gorin said. “Consumer acceptance and consistently high ratings is hard to argue with when it comes to park quality.”

Best Parks in America is a national marketing group comprised of highly rated, independent RV parks and campgrounds. There are currently 80 affiliated parks across the U.S. For information on Best Parks in America, visit www.bestparksinamerica.com.