Boomer the Racoon

Boomer the Racoon

BEYONDER Camp, a provider of campground and outdoor hospitality, is excited to announce that Boomer the Raccoon, its lovable and friendly mascot, will make his official debut this Memorial Day weekend. Boomer’s arrival promises to enhance the magic and excitement at all BEYONDER Camp locations, creating cherished memories and fostering a sense of excitement for campers, according to a press release.

“Boomer, the spirited and mischievous raccoon, will delight children and families starting this holiday weekend, captivating them with his playful demeanor and infectious energy,” states the release. “His warm and engaging presence will elevate the BEYONDER Camp experience, ensuring that young campers embark on extraordinary adventures filled with joy and laughter.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Boomer the Raccoon as our official mascot during this Memorial Day weekend,” said Justin Hoggatt, co-founder, at BEYONDER Camp. “Boomer embodies the spirit of happiness, imagination and enjoyment that defines BEYONDER Camp. We believe his presence will add an extra touch of enchantment to our campgrounds, enabling children to create lifelong friendships and everlasting memories.  We look forward to all the amazing pictures that our guests will share.” Beyonder

Boomer will participate in a variety of activities, including nature walks, arts and crafts sessions and captivating campfire stories. Whether he’s assisting in treasure hunts, leading joyful sing-alongs or simply spreading cheer throughout the campgrounds, Boomer will ensure that each child’s experience at BEYONDER Camp is even more magical, notes the release.

The anticipation surrounding Boomer’s debut has already sparked great excitement among campers and staff and Boomer was even named through a survey of its guests and campers.

“Children are eagerly looking forward to meeting their new furry friend and creating unforgettable memories together,” states the release. “BEYONDER Camp remains dedicated to providing exceptional experiences that nurture children’s imagination, growth and happiness. With Boomer as their delightful companion, campers are in for an extraordinary summer adventure.”

For more information about BEYONDER Camp, visit www.beyondercamp.com.